What is an official Academic Audit?

The Academic Audit is an official review of degree requirements a student has finished and what degree requirements the student still has left to complete.

When do students have to complete an Academic Audit?
Students who have earned between 75 - 89 credits are required to complete an Academic Audit.  All students within this credit range will receive a mandatory advising registration block.  Once a student has completed his or her Academic Audit, the mandatory advising registration block will be removed.

Why is it important for a student to complete an Academic Audit?

  • An audit gives the student a chance to review what courses he or she has taken and ensure that the courses were recorded correctly
  • An audit allows the student to verify what courses and credits he or she is missing in order to meet graduation requirements
  • An audit ensures the student, CCJS Department and BSOS Advising are all working with the same information

Where does a student go to complete an Academic Audit?
Students can complete the Academic Audit one of two ways:

  1. Online - the online audit system allows students to complete their audit without having to meet with their advisors in person.  The online audit system is open for a limited time during the fall, spring and summer semesters.
  2. In Person - to complete an audit in-person, the student must first meet with the CCJS Advising Office to review major requirements.  Second the student has to schedule an appointment and attend a meeting with BSOS Advising to review university requirements, credits and university policy.
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